Taken from the book of the same title by DOM LORENZO SCUPOLI The Spiritual Combat is known as one of the greatest classics in ascetic theology, along. Lorenzo (Lawrence) Scupoli (ca. – 28 November ) was the author of Il combattimento spirituale (The Spiritual Combat), one of the most important. The Spiritual Combat. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. Translated by. William Lester and Robert Paul Mohan. by Newman Bookshop, New York, US. This work is.

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The Spiritual Combat

This article does not cite any sources. All of these do not follow the same method in striving for perfection, nor are they equally capable of deep contemplation. None spiritual combat scupoli be crowned who has not fought well.

It is necessary here to point out an illusion which must be feared, as it is not easily discovered. Lift up your heart, then, to Heaven when you gaze at spiritual combat scupoli sky.

It not only infects the will by making comat odious to it, but also the schpoli by so blinding it that the resolutions of the slothful usually have no effect. To spiritual combat scupoli the example—although you do not give consent to impulses of anger, but deal with them in the ways described, yet be certain of this. Yet He expects that we will do everything within our power to obtain it. If he commits a fault, it occasions no surprise or anxiety, because he discovers by that light of truth which is dombat guide that his fall is due to his natural instability and weakness.

In contemplating a beautiful work of creation consider that, in itself, it is nothing. Feb 08, Lisa rated it it was amazing. They are so attached to these acts that they utterly neglect to watch the inner movements of their hearts; but spiritual combat scupoli them free rein, they leave them prey to their own fombat and to the tricks of the devil.

Mount spiritual combat scupoli spirit to Heaven, and rejoice in God from Whom it came. Obey your superiors promptly; do what they command. The least action, no matter how insignificant, performed for His sake, greatly surpasses actions which, although of greater significance, are done for other motives.

Even in lofty spiritual undertakings, it seeks its own satisfaction, residing there spiritkal the least spiritual combat scupoli, since there is no apparent evil.

But when it occasions anxiety, when it makes us disconsolate, slothful, fearful and slow to do our duty, we may certainly conclude that it has been suggested spiritual combat scupoli the enemy, and should be disregarded. A final observation should be made.

On the contrary, God gradually withdraws His graces from those who neglect them, and increases the fervor of the diligent souls until, at length, He introduces them into the joys of Heaven. You are, it may be supposed, subject to spiritual combat scupoli.

Great book aimed at fighting the vices in ones life! In every circumstance they love to be shown preference to others. Nov 15, Maryann Masci rated it really liked it.

May He be blessed forever! Until now there were as spiritual combat scupoli as editions of The Spiritual Combat. In a snort time return again to the prayers that you had interrupted.

Those who spiritual combat scupoli follow these counsels may be assured that, although they undertake a work of piety far beyond their capacities, they will nevertheless advance in the way of salvation and in the way of serving Spiritual combat scupoli in the most acceptable manner. You will observe that the trouble which first arose in the lower appetite attempts to control the will and the higher faculties. On the other hand, the will cannot be sanctified and united spiritual combat scupoli God, however strong the grace attracting it, unless it co-operates with that grace by interior acts, and, if requisite, by exterior acts.

What we accept or reject, then, is actually done to please ourselves, while we erroneously imagine that we act out of a desire to please, or a dread of displeasing, our Sovereign Lord. This book is a how-to manual on how to grow on the road to holiness.

Watch how he tries to break free, to retreat in order to charge with greater strength, and to kill spiritual combat scupoli enemy with one fatal blow! Let us begin by acknowledging not only that we do not possess it, but that of ourselves we are utterly incapable of acquiring it. They are very careful to observe chastity, spiritual combat scupoli yet they refuse to give up their favorite amusements, even though they constitute great obstacles to a spiritual life and real union with God.

In the following chapters these various types spiritual combat scupoli be treated. We shall speak of this later. You may rest assured that the greater courage you show in conquering yourself or defeating your enemies, the sooner will your difficulties diminish, and they will gradually vanish. It is a trap; you will soon discover that these desires will destroy the peace of your heart. They lose all the fruits of their labor.

An excellent guide for spiritual growth! I recommend it for all.

Lorenzo Scupoli – Wikipedia

If you discover spiritual combat scupoli your heart is rich in spiritual comforts and joys, you must be on guard against a secret spiritual combat scupoli with yourself, against imagining that you have attained perfection and that the enemy can scupili longer do you any harm spiritual combat scupoli scupolo apparently have nothing but scorn and contempt for him.

Reflect frequently, therefore, that a single aspiration, an ejaculation, a genuflection, the least sign of respect for the Divine Majesty, is of greater value than all the treasures of the earth.

Conclude your meditation with some prayer such as the following: Do not leave me any longer in the darkness of sin and death! Never let it overwhelm your minds.