Tippmann X7 Phenom Manual – HERE Tippmann X7 Phenom Upgrades-. ITEM. QTY. PT. NO. DESCRIPTION. ITEM. QTY. PT. NO. DESCRIPTION. 1. 1. TA Receiver, Left Half. 1. 02– Compression Spring. 2. 1. TA View and Download Tippmann X7 PHENOM owner’s manual online. Paintball Marker. X7 PHENOM Fitness Equipment pdf manual download.

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Follow these instructions when using, working on, transporting, or storing this marker. See instructions for further information.

Si usted desea Regular por tierra. Page 79 Figura Page 51 Figure The best valve O-rings are made of urethane. Un uso inapropiado puede causar serias heridas o la muerte.

Tippmann X7 Phenom User’s Manual

Do not pressurize a partially assembled paintball marker. Always keep the Selector Switch in Safe Push up for Safety mode unless firing as detailed in instructions on page 6. Whenever you turn the cylinder during removal, watch the marks on the cylinder and the cylinder valve to be sure that they rotate together. Nunca presurise tippmann x7 phenom manual marcador parcialmente ensamblado. We believe our X7 Phenom markers to be the most accurate and durable paintball marker available.

Use caution as the marker is now capable of firing after you put the Selector Switch in a Fire tippmann x7 phenom manual. Page 81 Figura Dwell, Debounce,Rata de disparo, y Funcion de disparo. Tippmann le enviara el Producto via UPS regular por tierra. Front Bolt Compression 6 all slide out from the open end of the Upper Receiver.

Upper Receiver Assembly Rev.


Install 9 Volt Battery 2. Este item del menu puede ser acutalizado con los valores de 25 milli-segundos.

Los empaques de Uretano no se afectan con altas presiones. Page 27 Do not pressurize a partially assembled marker.


tippmann x7 phenom manual Persons under 18 must have adult supervision when using this product. Misuse may cause serious injury or death. Vous pouvez vous en procurer chez Tippmann ou chez votre fournisseur de paintball local. Put the Selector Switch in Safe mode page 6.

Tippmann X7 PHENOM Parts Diagram

Remove all paintballs from the Cyclone Feed System. Hay cuatro items en la programacion para usuarios avanzados: Page 23 Figure Inspect, clean, and Spring lubricate the specified parts with Tippmann grease everyshots and prior to tippmann x7 phenom manual.

Tippmann x7 phenom manual 71 Page 72 – advertencia cilindro de suministro de ai Do not pressurize a partially assembled marker. Tippman 49 Figure These may be purchased from Tippmann or your local paintball dealer. Replace the battery door with the tab down, press the door and listen for the click as it locks into the grip. To print the manual completely, please, download it. We recommend you be at tippmann x7 phenom manual 18 years old to purchase. Lower Receiver Assembly Rev.

X7 Phenom markers will provide many years of dependable service if cared for properly.

To maintain your marker in good working condition, inspect, clean, and replace any damaged parts. Never attempt to do Advanced Programming on a pressurized marker!

There manuak an extra O-ring in the Accessory Pack that came tippmann x7 phenom manual your marker. Page 77 Figura Tenga precaucion pues el marcador esta cargado y listo para hacer disparos, cuando ha seleccionado el boton de disparos.

Instale phehom ajuste dentro del mango. Page 73 – consejos de seguridad con el suministro Phenom para mantenimiento general. Empty all paintballs from the Hopper. Aplique grasa Tippmann a los empaques 91 en la The Advanced Programming has been designed to allow users the maximum tippmann x7 phenom manual of customizing possible. Tippmann will return the Product to you via regular ground UPS.